Unbelievable how well a bar of chocolate can taste!
Actually I indeed wanted to eat the chocolate slowly - every day one piece. But no!! It disappears on the first day. Just got away.
Thanks again to my family who sent it to me and my cousin who has brought it to me: D
Of course, good chocolate is not the only thing missing here .

South Africa

- Polony (you have to get used to..)

- Atchaar (either you like it or not..)

- Kotta (best!)

- EVERYTHING of chicken, cow and sheep...

- Chickenfeet

- Cowhead           (I really don't need that stuff!)

- Sheephead & feet 


- white mini taxies

- personal petrol assistants


- good chocolate

- Haribo

- fresh ham and cheese

- Most




- diving towers

- no Tyrefires..

- bike paths



- Dancing

- Friends..

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