Zoological garden Pretoria

Jurassic Park real life - I thought to myself, when a Finn and I were standing in front of the old gates of the Zoological Garden Pretoria. After all, there was a second entrance - a new one. Not decay, overgrown with ivy, with collapsed roof and rusted gutters ..


After Pilanesberg and Kruger National Park, the trip to the zoo was a nice complement with Bear, Tiger and Penguin but quite sad. Animals imprisoned in a few square meters ....
The real highlight was ultimately behind the ascent lion and tiger enclosure on the hill, from which you have an incredible view of Pretoria's skyline.

For the first time we were able to admire the skyline of Pretoria (of course we already saw it from the garden down the Union Buildings, but not nearly as nice).

Although everyone knows how a Zoo looks - here a few impressions:


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