At the very beginning I started - of course - with writing applications, which was a little bit difficult, because each organisation wanted it in another way and with different attachments.

So I had to organise or to write:

Letter(s) of motivation in german and english,

curriculum vitae in german and english,

reference letter(s) in german and english

credentials of internships i've done - in german and english.

The LOM (Letter of Motivation) is always hard to write. Because to phrase it, so it doesn't sound like self praise is a big challenge.
In my opinion it couldn't be wrong when you know your weaknesses and when you mention them on the verge, because they know too, that no one only has good/ strong sides.


The curriculum vitaeis obvious - is always like nearly the same, but maybe should be adapted to the projekt one apply for.

I made my CV on this Website, because they have nice models of design -


A reference letter is a short writing, drafted by an acquaintance. In my case they wanted them not to be written directly by a friend, but by other acquaintances who knew/ know me quite good. So I asked two very pleasant teachers and a woman my mum got to know in her exchange year in her school time.
At this point I really want to thank you them for their effort - the writings are - in my opinion quite nice.


Credentials of internships I did. I took the one from our social internship we had to do in class nine and the credential of the BOGY (Career orientation at secondary schools) which was also a duty for us to do in class ten then (age of 16).

After all that and a long time of waiting I got the first invitations for the selction interviews.

Partially it was very spontanious like getting the phone call for the invitation on wednesday for saturday.
But I made it and got to know nice people and also ex-volenteers who directly gave us motivation and tips for our work abroad.