I wonder..

The Countdown is ticking and running down to 53 hours until my flight goes. I am starting to pack my bags and I start to think what precautions to take.


Precautions for what, you would ask yourself.

Well lets see...


- Imagine a pakistani with long beard.

What picture is in your head? What's in his suitcase?

I wonder.


- Imagine a girl, black clothes and make up, short skirt.

What picture is in your head? What's in her suitcase?

I wonder.


- Imagine a young guy, alone, with a 2 weeks beard, tired from the flight.

What picture is in your head? What's in his suitcase?

I wonder.


Do we not all put people into drawers?


I wonder.


That's what made me thinking.

If the security people at the airport think that way.

And I mean, I was twice searched for drugs, but just when I wasn't shaved somehow..

I wonder.


Then they would just stop these young people who look a little bit - how should I say - fucked up, to search them for drugs - and leave the others alone.

Aren't those statistics FAKED and WRONG which say that young people are more likely to carry drugs than others?

And aren't exactly those statistics building stereotyes?

I wonder.


How can they prove the others didn't carry drugs, when they didn't even check them?

I wonder.



However I hope you were able to follow my thoughts.

I wonder.. if it made you thinking too.


Additionally: If you are against racism, prejudice and stereotypes, have a look at Bridging Gaps - they are doing amazing work down here in South Africa.

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