In no other contry of the world are so many people infected by HIV as in South Africa - offical statistics show numbers (5.6 Mio) which equals 10% of the population.


Factors explaining those numbers are wide spread from poverty, inequality and social instability up to the low status of women, sexual violence, high mobility (migrant labour), limited and uneven access to quality medical care and especially a history of poor leadership in the response to the epidemic. (Q.: AIDS Foundation South Africa ).


Educating people about prevention and sexual-awareness doesn't translate into reasonable behavior and is a longterm process. At our "Bridges Gender Camp" this week we had deep discussions and interesting breathings of unknown territory for our teenagers and youth leaders.


Transfering knowledge that even well-educated peaple are not aware of the Camp was another success story.

Breathing them to questions such as

- What is Gender?

- What does it mean to be Intersex?

- How do I protect myself against an
   unwanted pregnancy AND HIV?

- If the pregnant girl is suspended from school, should the
  guy who made her pregnant also be suspended?


Could you answer the questions?

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