The Color Run

The Color Run in 4 words:

fun, cold, wet, colored


Whaaaat cold in Afrika?


Yes cold in Africa! But frankly, Africa is not equal Africa. Africa also has several countries, just like Europe or as America has States. So there is a bif variety of different countries with a different climate.
South Africa is more or less comparable to France.
Warm in summer (actually Christmas is in summer here) and cold (okay usually there's no snow - in Pretoria) in winter, which is now just around the corner.

The houses here are not as luxurious isolated as in Germany. This morning I was laying in bed and could see my breath. My nose was frozen and somehow I really didn't want to get up.


I still get up for jogging to the Parkrun like every Saturday morning now. Eventhough it was a real challenge, because still everything hurts from the Wfl Worldrun, but it managed.


    pain and everywhere steaming bodies in the morning sun.


Okay okay, I get to the point. The Color Run.

Topic of today's article.

At first it was just a dream - to make something special possible for the children.

Then the surprising news: We get a small budget.

So I get everything organized and so we stand there today: 12 children aged between 5 and 9 years old and 5 supervisors, including Finn and me.

As soon as we are at the starting line it starts to rain - not only rain, no! It rained like a waterfall. - Not too funny.

We start running on signal, first run with the kids, so that they get at least a little warm(er). Then we approach the color stations - between those - rather funless. Wet. Cold. Walk. Run.

Simultating an Airplane, we keep the children motivated and amused.

Somehow they have fun. - I am so glad! We are completely colored. Flour taste in the mouth. Red teeth.

Cars driving ZigZag through the colorful crowd. A BMW hooting, driving a little bit too fast. Children everywhere. I was about to throw myself on the windshield. Drag out the driver.. Tell him my opinion.

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