Wings for life!

The Facts:

Kilometers:       27,56 km

Time:              2:18:31 h

Pace:             4:58 min/km

Speed            12.05 km/h

Elevation gain    235 m

Elevation loss    256 m

- 130 732 runners all over the world

- 1 343 runners in South Africa

- ca. 7000 runners (M18) all over the world

- 96 runners (M18) in SA

- Platz 4302

- Platz    52

- Platz  364

- Platz     8


It was tough,
It was exhausting,
it was a fight against myself,
and definitely over maximum.

After 16 km I thought I'll die but somehow I could continue as many others did. The legs did really hurt, but from the 24km mark on it felt easier again. Wings for Life is definitely a race in which the limits of the possible are tested.

It is definitely an amazing race that I'll probably attend next year again (although walking is still difficult today ..).


Wings for Life Certificate Vincent
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