Halftime reflection

There are only two days

in the year that nothing

can be done.


One is called yesterday,

the other is called



Today is the right day

to Love, believe, do

and mostly Live.

Creating something long lasting, something that makes Tateni better, gives it boost, something that makes many people happy and is going to make many happy.
That was my goal.
But what did I achieve until now?
  - Prepare one football team for one tournament that
    they lost
  - Perpare a Christmas Drama with some children, that the
    people really enjoyed, but
where the costumes
    are misteriosly disappeared.
 - Being part of Bridges Camp and making plans for Tateni
   including an internal Facilitatortraining, wherefore many

   showed approval, but no support.


Sounds like I haven't achieved anything, what really bowled me first, when we spoke at the midterm-seminar about challenges.


Actually, there's much more!


Yes Trust. If we take the viewpoint of my boss, for example, then every year two new German volunteers, highly motivated, dreaming and hard working come to South Africa and want to change something that makes the organization better. Of course, annoying after some time and because everything works pretty good as it is, why leave it to any children (Yes even as a youngster, one is still a child, because you still have no idea about life. Well, not only here, everywhere in the world the older ones always know things better. But that is the nature of men.)
          change the system?


Now half a year has passed, I have already reached the first small targets, shown that - I can organise and manage things well. People started to trust me.

Update and renew the homepage, has now been assigned to me as a task, eventhough our boss still thinks Internet and social media are dangerous.

Now I will even get Facebook and Twitter running.

And then I began to dream again....
  - A charity run would be nice - for fundraising and to
    publicize Tateni.
  - Then the Facilitator-trainings Camp.
  - Having facilitators in the drop-in centres.
  - A Life Skills learning program at the drop-in centers.

A house build on Tateni's ground for us and all subsequent volunteers. A house where there is no host family that can put you out on the street and no boss to live with. No cockroaches as far as one lives clean. Independence. Safety.


In the end: Dreams embody hope and love.
That's what keeps us alive.
That's what we live for.

So live your dream today. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, because only today is the day you are able to change.

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