Stuck in Soweto

And another wonderful weekend is now in my memories..

For the birthday of Judith and Lara we were invited to Krugersdorp to 'Chris's' house, a guy that they met the weekend before on another weekend.

--> Here you can see very well how spontaneous the South Africans are - and how (guest) friendly.
This vitality and openness makes it much easier to get to know people.


Also on the street - in Germany  people are running past you, look straight to the floor, straight ahead. Here you walk through the streets, people greet you, ask how you are going, and/ or come to you to shake your hand or hug you - what was initially weird and only happend when people were slightly tipsy, but it has really conjured a smile on my face.


Well now I digressed a little bit from the topic - as it happens quite often to South Africans.

After a really nice and talkative birthday with lots of food,
I went to Soweto with Sünneke to stay there over night - we didn't really sleep that much, because due to an accident the road was closed and we were stuck.
Actually, the road was one lane in both directions - in this case, three lanes in our direction. - Because moving forward was not possible, people simply turned their engine off, went to buy beer and started a street party.


Street Party - people on the taxis - dancing - beer - broken glass - mood - drunken people - never seen before - never possible in Germany - 3am at home

Just to mention some keywords coming to my mind



Sunday we went to the Arts and Craft Market in Rosebank, which was really impressive - but I was just tired.

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