Time flyes :o

Dear family,

Dear friends,

Dear acquaintances, interested and, of course, Dear donors,

One month has already passed -
8.500km away from home. But at home, I'm here now.

After Finn and I lived transitionally now 4 weeks at our heads house, we were finally moved into our new home yesterday. With two new beds to the best hostfamily in the world. We are looking forward to a wonderful year and those remaining 11 months.


Yes, the time flies by ...

Operatively, we have completed our orientation weeks.

In the first week we were in Tateni's main office, to get to know it and we have also created our own garden there - in the garden, where at the moment mainly weeds grow.

In the second week we got to know two of the seven Drop-In Center. The Drop-In Center include both - after-care as well as a meal for the children, because it is usually the last meal of the day for most of them. Working with the kids was really a lot of fun, it is especially wonderful to know that you are still able to teach them things, that they did not understand at school. In this way I'm also getting
a little closer to the local language 'Sotho' - and I must really emphasise that it is a beautiful language, which sounds as if you are singing.

From 24th september to 27th september I was on the Facilitatortraining of Bridges Camp. The facilitators were incredible and also presented themselves like that at the camp, which enabled all the participants an unforgettable camp. We supervisor had nevertheless many things to do. But the camp was already our fourth week, lets remain at the third week.

That was not so spectacular, because it involved more driving, to drive from Drop-In Center to Drop-in Center, deliver food and drop and fetch staff.

We also were twice in Pretoria, once at a TLF (Tshwane Leadership Foundation) meeting, where we got to know 11 very kind german volunteers and as happenstance some of them not only knew Juliane - no - one of them, which unfortunately was sick that day - I knew from the German Embassy in Germany, when we have submitted our visa application.

The other time in Pretoria included the graduation of some participants of Tateni's program 'Breaking the Cycle of Poverty' at PopUp. There - too - I met German volunteers and helped them right right with the food bank.

Because we were bored on Sunday (4th of october) Finn and I climbed the 'hill' behind Eertserust to see Eersterust and Mamelodi from above. The view was amazing.

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