The Beginnings


A bit late but better than never - the beginning of a (hopefully) wonderful year - begins regrettably with taking farewell.

After the explosives control at the airport in Stuttgart,, I started a little late by plane. In London - what's that for a huge airport??? - Switched plane and met
Linda, Lara, Sünneke, Lisa und Finn, with whom I took the flight to Johannesburg.


Anyway - I try to keep the following blog entries as short as possible - cause who wonna read these long 'blablabla'-entries?


First impressions:

- driving on the left side of the road is weird
- turning right is weird
- high fences surround each house plus garden

- Tateni's office ground is huge
- in the morning we're busy at the office, looking after
website(s) of Tateni and slowly getting in
- after we go out in the garden and work in the garden,
  so that we're able - until the end of this week or early
  next - to plant something in. - Potatoes? Tomatoes?
..we don't know yet.

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